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Why should office furniture be divided by industry?


In the history of mankind, the Internet has brought destruction and brought new opportunities. All walks of life have changed under the impact of the Internet. Cologne Furniture believes that the customer-centered service concept is recognized by most companies. The past is product-centric, channel-centric thinking and programmatic. Production, the same product, can no longer be recognized by customers. Customers need products that suit their own products and products that are suitable for their own industry. This promotes the fine division of various industries. Of course, the office furniture industry is no exception.


In order to meet the needs of different enterprises, the office furniture industry divides office furniture into enterprise furniture, college furniture, medical furniture, financial furniture, hotel furniture, pension furniture, etc., to realize "where is the customer? It is the service or manufacturing center."


The original office furniture program production mode will gradually become impracticable, and will be replaced by a “customized” production model for each customer. For example, office furniture in the traditional industry can no longer meet the medical industry, financial industry, schools, hotels, etc. The needs of these industries, furniture production must fully consider the characteristics of various industries, the appropriate design style, combined with the customer's corporate culture, tailor-made for customers.


In short, the customer demand-oriented furniture production model will inevitably lead to the division of office furniture into various industries to meet the needs of customers.

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