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The office furniture market is very extensive and the future is promising


In 2017, the global office furniture industry produced a total of about 50 billion US dollars, accounting for 12% of the global furniture industry output value. The Asia Pacific region is the main producer of office furniture worldwide, producing approximately 45% of the market; North America and Europe are the second and third largest producers respectively. At the same time, the industry is highly concentrated in 8 countries that export 80% of the world's office furniture, including China, the United States, and Germany as the world's top three production areas. In terms of regional distribution of office furniture market, developed countries such as Europe and the United States are still the world's largest regional market, but emerging markets such as China, India, and Russia have maintained steady growth in market size under the support of sustained economic growth and rapid development of the office market.

With the development of China's economic construction, many new-type companies have been established, and the demand for office furniture has grown rapidly. The demand for office furniture industry in China is growing year by year. According to the budget, the sales volume of China's office furniture industry is around 61.77 billion yuan in 2017.

At present, China has become one of the largest producers and exporters of office furniture. China's office furniture enterprises have first-class production equipment, and the quality of products is stable and reliable, and cost-effective.


Future development trend analysis


1. The application of new materials will profoundly transform the office furniture industry


The production of office furniture is inseparable from materials, and the use, shape, color, etc. of office furniture brought by different materials are different. The progress of office furniture is closely related to the materials of furniture. The innovation of materials will lead the innovation of office furniture industry, and it is also a direct reflection of technological innovation.


2. Integrated office furniture has become a trend


With the improvement of people's consciousness, more and more attention is paid to the overall environment of office space. In the past, I liked to buy one piece of single item, and did not consider the overall matching between office furniture, so the overall environment was not so beautiful. Today, the design, production and service of office furniture is no longer just a single product and its function, but also the use of office furniture.


3, office furniture customization needs are growing


With the improvement of people's living standards, many things tend to be customized, and office furniture is also the same. The quality of office furniture in the domestic market is uneven, the product design style is similar, and the imitation of each other results in a similar product similarity. High, for the new generation of consumers, the unique, personalized more highlights the personal taste and charm, but also the combination of office space and family space, so custom office furniture has become the industry's most Developed industry opportunities.


3. Ergonomics has been widely used in the office furniture industry.


The demand of modern consumers for office furniture consumption is shifting from “some use” to “useful”. In pursuit of quality changes, office furniture comfort will become one of the important criteria for evaluating the quality of furniture. With the increase in the number of occupational patients caused by sedentary and sitting problems, the requirements for comfort are more stringent.


5, green office furniture will become the mainstream


Modern society advocates green environmental protection. In the aspect of office furniture, formaldehyde is a problem that has plagued the furniture industry for centuries. The furniture and decoration materials made of MDF are distributed in the environment, posing great threat to human health and becoming modern. A lingering nightmare in the furniture industry. The office furniture of healthy green and zero-formaldehyde is made possible, and green office furniture will become the mainstream.


6, modern minimalist style leading office furniture design ideas


With the development of the times, many young people nowadays pursue modern minimalism. At present, in order to further respond to the call for low carbon, government office furniture procurement is no longer just considering high-grade heavy executive desks and executive chairs. Those who look simple and smooth Design is more fun to relax.


At present, China's economic construction is developing rapidly, and the demand for office furniture is growing rapidly. With the construction of modern office buildings, the original office space needs a large supply of office furniture, foreign industrial and commercial enterprises set up offices in the country, the annual demand for office furniture is expected to be more than 40 billion. In addition, the development of transportation, medical care, sports, and cultural undertakings has also increased the demand for office furniture. From this point of view, the Chinese office furniture market is very extensive and the future prospects are promising.

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