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Choosing the right conference desk for your office


Choosing the conference right desk for your office.

Check out the NAZ conference desk! A desk suitable for a single office is also the best choice for company meeting tables.

Types of conference tables:

Rectangular conference tables are a functional and classic choice for the boardroom. Since the tabletop is a basic flat shape, the work surface is suitable for other applications such as meeting and training rooms. Some models can be joined together with ganging hardware to create a multi-segmented conference table that allows you to customize the table to the size of your conference room.

Octagonal conference tables are available in both round and rectangular shapes. A round octagonal conference table is ideal for smaller spaces as they are more compact. To make sitting more comfortable, when selecting a round octagonal table, choose a base that will ensure ample knee room. For larger boardrooms, select a rectangular octagonal conference table for significant visual impact.

A round or circular conference table is perfect for smaller boardrooms because it uses vertical rather than floor space. Round conference tables create a relaxed and inclusive feel to a meeting, while still providing plenty of room for everyone.

modular conference table

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