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Arab order for 80 FT011/30 FT017 training tables


FT011 training tables and  FT017 training tables have been completed, waiting for shipment.

According to customers' requirements, under the premise of sufficient raw materials and sufficient productivity, the company started to put into production, greatly mobilized workers' productivity, arranged production lines reasonably, cooperated with the assembly department in pairs, and conducted assembly and production in strict accordance with requirements for each step.After each part is assembled, QC will inspect it. Only when the appearance and function of the product meet the requirements can it be qualified.

80 sets of FT011 training tables and 30 sets of fan-shaped FT017 products were completed on time.Wait for the follow-up arrangement and then send it to the Arab customer.

We uphold the responsible for the product, responsible for the customer's attitude, do our best to make every customer satisfied.

In the production process, we pay attention to teamwork. Everyone has professional production knowledge about the product and completes the work together.Secondly, effective production management is an important part of production.And QC's monitoring of each production step is our guarantee of product quality. Thus formed our high quality, high efficiency perfect production line.

No matter to the product or customer, do furniture, NAZ is serious.



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